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Senior Director

Bob Carey is a Senior Director at The Abraham Group and joined the firm in May 2012 bringing more than 27 years of government, military, and private sector experience. He specializes in defense, energy, procurement and international issues.

Prior to The Abraham Group, Mr. Carey served as Director of the Department of Defense’s Federal Voting Assistance Program, which helps military and overseas voters exercise their right to vote, advocate at the federal, State and local level on their behalf, and provides compliance and election management assistance to States and local election officials. Under Bob’s leadership, military voter participation improved 21% and more than 27 States adopted online ballot delivery systems through a first-ever $25 million grant program.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Bob was commissioned an Ensign in the United States Navy and reported to USS Comte de Grasse (DD 974). After earning his Surface Warfare Officer designation, he reported to Pensacola, FL, earning his Naval Flight Officer wings in 1989. After additional training, he reported to Attack Squadron 85 (“The Bombing Buckeyes”) onboard USS America, flying the A-6E Intruder through two deployments, including 37 combat missions during Operation Desert Storm. Mr. Carey left active duty in 1995 after serving on the staff of the Chief of Naval Operations.

In 1995, Bob joined the staff of newly elected Senator Spence Abraham (R-MI), serving as his Military Legislative Assistant, Senior Legislative Assistant, and Legislative Director. While with Senator Abraham, Bob also served as a Task Force Investigator for the Senate Budget Committee, and assisted the Senator in establishing the Commerce Subcommittee on Manufacturing and Competitiveness. In 2001, Bob moved to serve as first Legislative Director to Senator George Allen (R-VA), also assisting the Senator in his roles as Assistant Majority Whip and Chair of the Senate High Tech Task Force.

Soon after the 9/11 attacks, Bob was mobilized from the Reserves to active duty, again to serve on the staff of the Chief of Naval Operations. Upon his demobilization in 2002, he was appointed a Senior Policy Advisor to the Secretary of Energy, with specific responsibilities including Climate Change policy, budget development and analysis for more than $14 billion in non-defense related requirements, and reforming the faltering Energy Employee Occupational Illness Compensation Program, assisting more than 14,000 sick nuclear weapons workers with complex workers compensation claims.

In 2004 Bob left government service to form Empire-Capitol Strategies, a strategic planning and policy development consulting firm. Specific projects included: developing a worldwide integrated government relations and product development strategy for Pfizer; establishing an international evidence-based medical education non-profit; designing the Department of Interior’s offshore alternative energy production regulations required by the Energy Policy Act of 2005; campaign manager to a U.S. Senate campaign; and Executive Director of the National Defense Committee, establishing the Alliance on Military and Overseas Voting Rights, and consulting the Pew Center on the States’ Military/Overseas Voting Initiative.

Bob served as an instructor at the United States Naval Academy and the U.S. Naval War College, and served seven times as Commanding Officer of various U.S. Navy Reserve units. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and the Naval War College, and also studied at the London School of Economics and Political Science, Georgetown University, the Center for Financial Management Studies at the University of London, and the Keenan-Flagler School of Business at University of North Carolina.