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The energy business is first and foremost a global market. Secretary Abraham was a prominent U.S. government advocate in international affairs whether it was pursuing energy partnerships with other nations, promoting U.S. policies and energy technology programs to address climate change, or spearheading the Administration's nuclear nonproliferation policies at the International Atomic Energy Agency and expanding and advancing nonproliferation programs in Russia. As a result, Secretary Abraham and his team have extraordinary experience on global energy issues and maintain close relationships with key foreign leaders and counterparts at energy ministries around the world. We are able to provide clients with strategic advice and hands-on assistance in many foreign markets, particularly, Asia, the Middle East, China, Russia, the Caspian, Latin and South America, Africa and Europe. We can help companies just entering a new international market or those companies already overseas to expand their operations or solve problems. We also will assist foreign companies in Washington and in the U.S.

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